Thursday, August 13, 2015


This is a meditation for your little ones. It is best done before nap time or bed time or whenever your child is feeling most relaxed.

I based this meditation around the seven main chakras of the body. Each chakra has a different vibrational frequency, corresponds to certain organs and represent different emotions and feelings. It is said that when the chakra wheels are spinning with ease and vibrancy then you will be physically, emotionally and spiritually very well.

This is a nice way to introduce the chakras to your children or just an awareness of the different states we can be in. No matter what, this meditation will make your child feel lovely and relaxed and intrigued by this magical rainbow. Enjoy!


Lie down and snuggle into your bed and get comfortable. Softly close your little eyes and lips. Start to take some big deep breaths in and out of your nose. Feel how the cool air goes in as you breath in and then how warm air flows out as you breathe out. Your deep breathing is making you feel very relaxed. You start to drift off to a wonderful dreamy place.

You are lying on a grassy hill underneath a big shady tree. The golden sun trickles through the leafy branches, warming your face and body. The sweet smell of wildflowers is all around you and in the distance you can here a gentle river flowing. As you watch puffy white clouds pass by a beautiful rainbow stretches out from the sky and lands at your feet. All the colors begin to flow over your body sending a feeling of relaxation and peace.

The red swirls up your legs making them glow with lovely healing warmth. The red that's like the colour of a shiny apple makes you feel safe, nourished and grounded.

Just below your belly button the colour orange glows radiantly out of you. The vibrant orange that's like the soft inside of a mango makes you feel strong and creative. You feel as though you have the power to be whatever you want to be.

Your tummy now beams with a yellow as bright as the sun or a juicy lemon. The lovely yellow colour all around your tummy makes you feel confident and worthy of all the love and kindness the world has to offer.

Creeping up to your chest you see the colour green radiating out of your heart space. The green is bright like the leaves on the trees and the grass in the meadows. It fills your whole body with deep love and joy. It makes you feel very peaceful, from your head to your toes.

Now imagine your throat glowing blue. The blue is as magnificent as a clear blue sky on a summers day. The blue flowing over your throat makes you feel as though you can say and express yourself in any situation. You feel able to tell people your when you are feeling good and when you are feeling bad. You feel free to speak your truth.

See the space between your eyebrows shimmer with a beautiful purple. The purple is like the soft purple you see on the petals of wildflowers or a sweet plum. This purple shimmering out of your third eye ignites your imagination and intuition. You feel confident and trusting of yourself.

Imagine the top of your head is radiating out a brilliant violet colour like the violet shade of a bunch of succulent grapes. The violet streaming out the top of your head brings you a feeling of utter bliss. Any worries or fears you have are left behind as this beautiful colour brings you a feeling of connection to every living thing in this world.

As you lay on your grassy hill beaming with all the colours of the rainbow you cant help but smile. All these wonderful colours make you feel so content and peaceful. The energy of these colours are very special to you and you can imagine them flowing over your precious body whenever you need to feel more relaxed, joyful or loving.

Now start to wiggle your toes and fingers. Take a few deep belly breaths, then slowly open your eyes and move around as you feel energised by the rainbow shining bright inside of you.

Astrid xx

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