Monday, December 1, 2014


Words are powerful. What I may say and mean more often than not will not mean the same to you. A word I love may evoke feelings of despair or a memory you had chosen to put away in a little box, locked.  A simple word can trigger many different thoughts, feelings and memories. Like a word as simple as warmth.

Warmth is a word that has been on my mind a lot lately. As I lay here nestled in next to my baby I feel nothing but warmth. Inside and out. His milky breath warms me. His little body all wrapped up in soft cottons warms me. His presence of expansiveness and unconditional  love, warms me. 

In these cold, darker, wintery days warmth is something we seek. 

Warm fabrics and skin on skin contact

We find it under feather filled covers of the bed warming up little feet and toes with our hands.

We find it when we walk in the door with cold noses only to be kissed hello with warm lips.

We find it on the palms of our hands glowing orange as they face the crackling fire.

A warming cuppa

We find it in a hot ginger tea, the spices creating a slow burning fire in our bellies. 

Winter is a time for connection and reflection. Use this season to hunker down with the ones you love. Edge a little closer to that special someone sitting next to you, take their warmth, give them warmth. Rest in the fact that you feel introverted at this time. Tis' the season to be inside and to delve deep into oneself. 

Mamas hand, warm and protective

It is a basic human need to be warm. Give the gift of warmth to your children or a loved one or a stranger for that matter, in the form of a hot chicken soup, a pair of woolly gloves or a heartfelt I love you, I love you, I love you.

Love Astrid x

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